Welcome to Vanguard Facilitators

Our aim is to improve individual and group effectiveness. We strive for alignment from the external environment through to personal or organizational purpose. We help you vision, plan, perform, mature and grow to new levels of performance.

What do we do?
We provide services across the following dynamics:

  • Consulting on processes
  • Facilitating group meetings, such as:
    • Strategic & Action Planning
    • Group-Based Problem Solving
    • Team Building & Board Retreats
    • Canvassing public/community input through focus groups
  • Counselling & coaching for individuals
  • Creating visual aids and story maps to improve organizational communication

We use a variety of methods to ensure clear alignment between:

  • purpose or mission
  • identity or image
  • beliefs and values
  • skills and capabilities
  • behaviours/ procedures
  • home and/or work environment

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