How do we work?

Vanguard Facilitators takes a client-centered approach by using collaborative, participatory methods to bring together diverse opinions and ensure minority voices (such as new ideas or differing points of view) are heard and new options are considered.

Consider our service model as a map of your needs for group or individual support and your desired outcomes:

We work through a variety of capacities across the three phases of facilitation (Preparation, Group Work, and Follow-up). Most group facilitation revolves around nine core processes (with amazing parallels to counselling and coaching processes):

  1. Analyzing information about purposes, desired outcomes, work content and participants to determine the best approach.
  2. Designing meetings to enable the group to succeed at its purpose using the appropriate structures, processes and sequences.
  3. Establishing group climate, norms and roles with the group to help the members do their work.
  4. Creating and implementing structures and processes to accomplish tasks and meet objectives.
  5. Intervening to manage group dynamics, to enforce norms, and to influence what members are doing or how they are doing it.
  6. Coaching/training group leaders and members in effective behaviors.
  7. Evaluating meeting and facilitation effectiveness to make adaptations and enhance the group’s learning.
  8. Navigating decision processes through the established organizational hierarchy or decision structure.
  9. Ensuring follow-up action related to production and distribution of the meeting record(s), results, communication with stakeholders, and implementation of decisions.

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