Creating High Performance Organizations

Why High Performance?

While many training and consulting companies across North America concentrate on improving employees’ technical skills and daily processes, 360 Solutions has a unique vision. Our goal is to prove that no amount of technical training can motivate and empower employees like human development training. The distinction is our model of the high performance business, rather than traditional models that have dominated the business world in the past. For example:
  Traditional Model   High Performance Model
  Internal focus   Customer focus
  Management control   Work teams monitor
  Narrowly defined jobs   Multi-skilled staff
  Focus on technical skills training   Total employee development (business + teamwork)

Our full range of integrated programs helps individuals, teams and organizations make the move to High Performance, where all employees feel and act like partners in the business.  The learning materials are flexible, versatile, experiential, proven and technically sound.

Through simulations, case studies, behaviour modeling, application exercises, group discussion and skill building, employees walk away with the advanced competencies identified in the High Performance Model.  We work at any or all three levels to improve performance:

For the whole organization:

  • Assessing Your Organization
  • Developing a High Performance Strategy
  • Principles of High Performance

For individual teams:

  • Developing High Performance Teams
  • Teamwork Skills

For leadership and personal development:

  • High Performance Leadership
  • Emotional Intelligence (Self-Mastery)
  • The Trust Factor

Download a short High Performance brochure here.

Risk-Free Sample!

Interested in getting a taste of the High Performance organization?  As part of our Business Builder series, one of the twelve “greatest hits” of the High Performance  modules will be held as a public workshop within the next month (pre-registration required).  Download a short Business Builder brochure here.

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